The Pencil Tool

Last updated on June 17, 2014

The Pencil tool allows you to create freehand lines, drawings, and handwritten text. The Pencil's line width, transparency, and color can be adjusted. This tool can be used on any document, whether that document has undergone Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to make its text selectable or not. 

While marking-up with the Pencil, you can use two-fingers to scroll through the document. Switch back to one finger to resume freehand annotating.

The annotation ribbon for the Pencil tool has six buttons:

  • ​Options: allows you to change the Pencil line's color, width, and opacity.
  • Undo: undoes the most recent portion of the annotation.
  • Redo: redoes the most recently undone annotation.
  • Erase | Draw: switches to/from erase mode. The eraser can only be used during the initial annotation session.
  • Wrist Guard: brings up a wrist guard overlay for use during the annotation.
  • Cancle/Done: tap the "x" to exit Pencil tool mode before starting, or the check-mark to finish.

The editing ribbon for the Pencil tool also has six buttons:

  • Note: adds a textual popup note to your annotation.
  • Options: allows you to change the Pencil line's color, width, and opacity.
  • Resize: allows you to resize and/or rotate the annotation.
  • Stamp: allows you to save the annotation as a reusable custom stamp.
  • Delete: allows you to delete the annotation from your document.
  • Done: tap the check-mark to finish a Pencil tool editing session.

Tips When Using the Pencil Tool

For documents that have not undergone OCR (do not have selectable text), the freehand Pencil can be used as a substitute for the Highlight tool. Simply select Options and adjust the width and transparency sliders to achieve a wider, more transparent line. 

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