The Signature Tool

Last updated on June 17, 2014

The Signature tool allows you to easily create and add signatures or precise annotations to any document. A signature/annotation made with this tool can also be saved as a reusable custom stamp. 

To use, activate the signature tool (feather pen icon in your default toolbar) and tap the start of the signature line you wish to fill. Then, using your finger or stylus, sign or write within the zoomed in signature window and select "Done" to finish.

The annotation ribbon for the Signature tool has two buttons:​

  • ​Options: allows you to set the color before choosing a location for your annotation.
  • X: tap the "X" to exit the tool before starting.

Once you've tapped on the page to open the Signature tool window, there are five buttons:

  • ​Options: allows you to change the color used.
  • Stamp: turns your annotation/signature into a reusable custom stamp, saved to the Stamp Library.
  • Clear: allows you to remove all markups made thus-far in the window.
  • Cancel: allows you to exit the Signature tool without adding any markups.
  • Done: saves your annotation/signature to the document and exits the tool.

The editing ribbon for existing Signature annotations has six buttons:

  • Note: adds a textual popup note to your signature/annotation.
  • Options: allows you to change the line color, weight and opacity.
  • Resize: allows you to resize and/or rotate the entire annotation.
  • Stamp: allows you to save the annotation as a reusable custom stamp.
  • Delete: allows you to delete the entire annotation from the document.
  • Done: tap the check-mark to finish the annotation editing session.

Tips When Using the Signature Tool

​Be sure to tap the start of a signature line when using the Signature tool; the pop-up window aligns the lower left of the zoomed in area with where you tapped to make signing on lines easier. You can always use two-fingers to scroll or pan around the document within the signature window for more precise placement, however.

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