The Stamp Tool

Last updated on June 10, 2016

The Stamp tool lets you add a wide variety of ready-made stamps to your documents. Custom stamps can also be created from photos or images, or from your own Pencil, Signature, and Typewriter annotations.

Tap the Stamp tool to activate it, then tap on the page at the location you want the stamp to be placed. The Stamp Library will then appear, allowing you to choose an existing stamp from the scrollable list. Tap the "+" button in the upper-right corner to create a new custom stamp instead, from a photo or image stored in your iPad Photo Library.


The editing ribbon for existing Stamp annotations includes four buttons:


  • Note: allows you to add a comment to the stamp.
  • Resize/Rotate: allows you to resize and rotate the stamp.
  • Delete: allows you to delete the stamp from your document.
  • Done: tap the check-mark to finish a Stamp tool editing session.


Tips When Using Custom Stamps

​In addition to photos and images, custom stamps can also be created from Pencil, Signature, or Typewriter annotations.
Pencil markups – tap the Pencil markup, then select Stamp from the editing ribbon in the upper-right. You can then name the stamp and tap the check mark icon to add it to your Stamp Library. Stamps (both ready-made and custom) are listed alphabetically in the Stamp Library.​

Signature markups – select the Stamp icon in the lower-left of the popup Signature box, or tap a finished Signature annotation then select Stamp in its editing ribbon.

Typewriter markups – select a finished Typewriter markup, then tap the Stamp icon in the Typewriter editing ribbon.

Stamp With A Specific Image

For easy and immediate access to a specific stamp or image, drag the "Stamp With A Specific Image" button (under the Annotation heading in your Toolbox) to your toolbar. You will then be prompted to select which stamp you want permanently connected to that tool. Once created, this tool will automatically stamp with your selected image and remain in your toolbar for future use.

Note: Any annotations added over a stamp will appear underneath the stamp once finalized. Stamps stay top-layer.

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