The Photo Tool

Last updated on June 17, 2014

The Photo tool allows you to add commonly formatted images or photos (GIFs, JPEGs, PNGs) to your documents as popup attachments. Photo annotations can only be viewed outside of iAnnotate in Adobe Acrobat/Reader and only if the file containing them is exported in fully editable Annotated format (not Flattened).

The annotation ribbon for the Photo tool has two buttons:

  • ​Options: allows you to change the color of the photo attachment icon; this color does not affect the actual color of the image or photo used.
  • Cancel/Done: tap the "x" to exit the Photo tool before starting, or the check-mark to finish.

The editing ribbon for the Photo tool has five buttons:

  • Note: adds a textual popup note to your photo.
  • Options: allows you to change the color of the photo attachment icon.
  • Open In: allows you to email the image/photo or open it into another app on your iPad.
  • Delete: allows you to delete the photo attachment from your document.
  • Done: tap the check-mark to finish the Photo annotation editing session.

Tips When Using the Photo Tool

​After selecting a page location, a popup menu provides you with two source options for importing images and photos:

  • Camera: lets you take a new photo with the iPad camera and choose a file size (small, medium, or large).
  • Photo Library: lets you choose an image or photo already saved to your iPad's Photo Library.

Once a photo annotation is added, tap the camera icon on your page to open the attached image in a popup. Tap the arrows on the photo to open it full-screen.

Please note: Attachment-based annotations are not preserved during PDF "Flattening." To share a document with your Photo annotations intact, send the file in "Annotated" format and make sure your recipient is able to open it via iAnnotate or Adobe Acrobat/Reader.


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