iAnnotate App Settings

Last updated on June 09, 2014

Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner of your screen and select "App Settings" to enter the iAnnotate settings menu. Here you can adjust and fine-tune how the app works for you. Options are grouped into seven categories. This article explains what each category and individual setting does.


Reading settings control how documents are navigated and read:

  • Elastic Scroll Lock: if you have enabled the Toggle Scroll Lock tool, this setting grants it extra flexibility by allowing pages to be scrolled over the edge until they gently "bounce back" to the locked position.
  • Single-Page Mode: by default, iAnnotate displays your documents in a continuous, vertically scrolling view. Single-Page Mode instead displays pages one at a time, with horizontal rather than vertical transitions.
  • Tap-to-Advance: only applicable in Single-Page Mode. While enabled, you may tap a page near the right or left edge to go forward or backward in the document's pagination, respectively.
  • Tap Advances Full Page: only applicable in Single-Page Mode. While enabled, the taps from Tap-to-Advance move the document forward or back by an entire page view.
  • VoiceOver Auto-Advances Pages: if you have enabled VoiceOver in the iPad's Settings app, this setting lets the VoiceOver speaker automatically move onto the next page after it has finished reading the current page.


Display settings primarily affect embedded document content like links and page numbers:

  • Show Links: displays blue boxes over hyperlinks within a document.
  • Show Page Number: displays the current page number and the total number of pages in the lower-right while scrolling through a document.
  • Show Page Locator: displays your relative position on the page in a box at the lower-right while scrolling through a document.
  • Use Page Labels: displays PDF page labels, such as Roman numerals, which are used in numbering prefaces or indices.


Notifications settings affect what kinds of information and feedback the app provides:

  • Show Processing Status: notifies you of the current document and/or pages that are being processed.
  • News and Anonymous Reporting: toggles notifications for Branchfire News items and enables/disables anonymous app usage data collection.


Annotation settings apply to how annotations are created and displayed:

  • Auto-Popup Annotations: if enabled, this forces all Note markups, as well as text notes associated with other markup types, to be popped open as you scroll through a document.
  • Annotation User Name: controls the name that appears for the markups' author when the markups are viewed on a computer.
  • Magnification on Initial Markup: toggles the loupe (magnifying glass) that can accompany the Highlight tool when new highlights are created.
  • Confirm Annotation Deletion: toggles the notification that appears when you attempt to delete any markup.
  • Auto-Add Markup to Annotation: manages the relationship between markups and the popup text notes that can accompany them. If enabled, the text of the highlighted or selected portion is automatically added to the popup note.
  • Left-Justify Popup Note Text: makes all popup Note annotations left justify instead of center.
  • Auto-Display Wrist Guard for Pencil Only: turn on to only activate the wrist guard automatically when using the Pencil tool. The wrist guard will still be available, but not auto-opened for other applicable tools.
  • Include Time in Typewriter w/Date: when using the Typewriter With Date annotation tool, a current timestamp will be included as well.


Sharing settings control some aspects of how the app emails annotated documents:

  • Default E-mail Subject: Allows you to set a personalized subject line for all emails sent from within iAnnotate. The filename of the document being shared is used by default.
  • Default E-mail Body: controls what signature or text is entered into the email body. For reference, this text appears directly above the "Sent from my iPad" text appended to many iPad emails.
  • Include Bookmarks in Summary: toggles the inclusion of bookmarks in emailed Notes Summaries.


Security settings manage how the app handles passwords and lockdowns:

  • Save PDF Passwords: if enabled, iAnnotate remembers the passwords for password-protected PDFs.
  • Application Lock: allows you to set an application-level password that must be entered each time the app is accessed from the iPad home screen. This password is unrecoverable if lost.
  • Lockdown Mode: this setting disables all document import and export in the app. The app also cannot use the integrated Web browser in this mode. You must enter and confirm a password to enable or disable this mode. At this time, the password is unrecoverable if lost.
  • Secure WebDAV: if enabled, this setting rejects any unverified WebDAV certificates, including many self-signed certificates. If you are relying upon a self-signed certificate(s), do not enable this setting.


Advanced settings control miscellaneous experimental functionalities:

  • Experimental: Save Webpage as PDF: enabled by default, this setting allows a webpage to be saved as ​a PDF via iAnnotate PDF's integrated Web browser. ​
  • Disable Thumbnails: toggles the app's display of individualized thumbnails for documents in the Library.
  • Regular Expression Search: toggles the app's ability to search by regular expression criteria in either the Library or the document itself.
  • Browser Compatibility Mode: allows for easier viewing and discovery of documents on some webpages viewed in iAnnotate's integrated Web browser.
  • Auto-Process Documents: enabled by default, this setting ensures that all documents are automatically processed for viewing and annotation when imported. Documents must have completed processing in order to be usable with most annotation tools.​
  • Process Docs When Opened: enabled by default, this setting ensures that all documents are automatically processed when opened for viewing and annotating.
  • Auto-Add to Full-Library Search: enabled by default, this setting automatically adds the text of the document to iAnnotate's full-library search functionality so it can be searched from the Library.
  • Use A4 for New PDF Pages: Changes the default page format for the Create New PDF button from 8.5x11 to A4.
  • Skip WebDAV Locking: some WebDAV configurations (like SabreDAV) may prevent documents from being uploaded from iAnnotate PDF to the connection. Enable this setting to bypass the "locking" that these configurations sometimes use to block uploads.
  • Force SSLv3 WebDAV Connections: if you receive the error notification "Unknown SSL Protocol Error," enable this setting to resolve it.

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