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Last updated on September 26, 2014

Email is one of the easiest methods for transferring your documents out of iAnnotate. There are several ways of emailing a document from iAnnotate, as well as a few options for controlling how your document appears once opened by the recipient.

How Email Works in iAnnotate

Emails sent from iAnnotate will come from whichever email account has been set as the default account on your iPad. If you're not sure which email address is set as your default account, you can always check in the iPad's Settings app under "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" > "Default Account." 


Upon choosing to email a document or page from iAnnotate, you will be prompted with a "Sharing Options" menu giving you the choice to send the document in Annotated, Flattened, or Original format:

  • Annotated: sends the document in editable format, with markups that can be viewed and modified in desktop applications like Preview or Adobe Acrobat/Reader. These markups are not compatible with mobile (iPhone/iPad/Android) apps or web-based viewers.
  • Flattened: sends the document in non-editable format. The markups cannot be modified but will be viewable in mobile apps, web-based viewers, and desktop applications.
  • Original: sends the document in its original form without annotations.

Options for Emailing

‚ÄčThe iAnnotate Toolbox contains four options for emailing. These options can be found under the "Document" heading. "Email Document" is also preinstalled on the "Document Sharing" Toolbar.

  • Email Document: sends the whole document, in your choice of annotated, flattened, or original format.
  • Email Annotation Summary:emails a summarized list of your markups in the body of an email. The actual marked-up PDF is not attached to said email.
  • Email PDF And Summary:  emails a summarized list of your markups in the body of an email, along with the actual marked-up PDF attached.
  • Email Current Page: emails the current page only, in your choice of annotated, flattened, or original format.


Tap the document tab and select Share > Email.

Tap and hold on a page in the document Navigation Panel Thumbnails view, or tap and hold on a document in your Library to get the option to Email via popup menu.

Select a document (or documents) in your Library via selection circle then choose Email from the left-side Actions panel. 

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