Importing from the Web

Last updated on June 17, 2014

iAnnotate features a simple built-in web browser. This browser can open webpages and links like any other iPad browser, but it also features a few extra tools for creating and downloading PDFs into the iAnnotate Library.

How to Access the iAnnotate Web Browser

The iAnnotate PDF web browser can be accessed in two ways:

  • From the iAnnotate Library, tap the "Add" tab in the left-side panel and select Import from Web. This button takes you to the browser's home page at
  • In the Toolbox, find Import from Web under the Utility heading. This button also takes you to the browser's home page at



The Browser Interface

The iAnnotate web browser has an interface similar to Safari on iPad. It contains a URL bar, a Google Search bar, forward and back buttons, a bookmarks button, and an action button. The action button in particular houses several options which are useful for grabbing PDFs from the web.


  • Add Bookmark: bookmarks the current page and adds it to the bookmarks list.
  • Use/End Compatibility Mode: permits the browser to more easily grab PDFs from certain types of webpages.
  • Download PDF: if applicable, use to download an embedded PDF from the current page.
  • Open Page in Safari: opens the current page into Safari. This option is useful for pages with embedded documents that need to be sent to iAnnotate or another app.
  • Save Page as PDF: saves the current webpage as a PDF document. Text in most webpages saved this way will be selectable with iAnnotate tools.

Once you've selected to download a PDF, or to save the current page as PDF, tap the arrow on the bottom right of the browser screen to start working with your newly imported document. 

Please note: By default, documents imported this way will be saved to whichever folder you had open in the Library when you selected Import from Web.


Did You Know?

  • You can enable Browser Compatibility Mode for the iAnnotate web browser under App Settings > Advanced.
  • If you are trying to extract a Microsoft Office document from a webpage, it is easier to open that page in Safari first then use Safari's built-in Open In... command to do so.
  • You can select and copy images to the iPad clipboard from within the iAnnotate web browser.

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